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The story of Scrooge, the wealthy miser whose temperament is transformed after a series of ghostly visitations, proved an instant and enduring critical and popular success for Charles Dickens (–). This edition of A Christmas Carol has monochrome and colour pictures by.
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The last two people I heard speak of it were women; neither knew the other, or the author, and both said, by way of criticism, 'God bless him! The poet Thomas Hood , in his own journal , wrote that "If Christmas, with its ancient and hospitable customs, its social and charitable observances, were ever in danger of decay, this is the book that would give them a new lease. There were critics of the book.

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The New Monthly Magazine praised the story, but thought the book's physical excesses—the gilt edges and expensive binding—kept the price high, making it unavailable to the poor. The review recommended that the tale should be printed on cheap paper and priced accordingly. Following criticism of the US in American Notes and Martin Chuzzlewit , American readers were less enthusiastic at first, but by the end of the American Civil War , copies of the book were in wide circulation. In January Parley's Illuminated Library published an unauthorised version of the story in a condensed form which they sold for twopence.

I have not the least doubt that if these Vagabonds can be stopped they must. Let us be the sledge-hammer in this, or I shall be beset by hundreds of the same crew when I come out with a long story. Two days after the release of the Parley version, Dickens sued on the basis of copyright infringement and won. Dickens returned to the tale several times during his life to amend the phrasing and punctuation. He capitalised on the success of the book by publishing other Christmas stories The Chimes , The Cricket on the Hearth , The Battle of Life and The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain ; these were secular conversion tales which acknowledged the progressive societal changes of the previous year, and highlighted those social problems which still needed to be addressed.

Classics Illustrated #53: A Christmas Carol

While the public eagerly bought the later books, the reviewers were highly critical of the stories. By Dickens was engaged with David Copperfield and had neither the time nor the inclination to produce another Christmas book. In the years following the book's publication, responses to the tale were published by W. The novella was adapted for the stage almost immediately. Three productions opened on 5 February , one by Edward Stirling being sanctioned by Dickens and running for more than 40 nights.

Davis considers the adaptations have become better remembered than the original. Some of Dickens's scenes—such as visiting the miners and lighthouse keepers—have been forgotten by many, while other events often added—such as Scrooge visiting the Cratchits on Christmas Day—are now thought by many to be part of the original story. Accordingly, Davis distinguishes between the original text and the "remembered version".

The phrase " Merry Christmas " had been around for many years — the earliest known written use was in a letter in — but Dickens's use of the phrase in A Christmas Carol popularised it among the Victorian public. In the early 19th century the celebration of Christmas was associated in Britain with the countryside and peasant revels, disconnected to the increasing urbanisation and industrialisation taking place.

Davis considers that in A Christmas Carol , Dickens showed that Christmas could be celebrated in towns and cities, despite increasing modernisation. The Oxford Movement of the s and s had produced a resurgence of the traditional rituals and religious observances associated with Christmastide and, with A Christmas Carol , Dickens captured the zeitgeist while he reflected and reinforced his vision of Christmas.

Dickens advocated a humanitarian focus of the holiday, [] which influenced several aspects of Christmas that are still celebrated in Western culture, such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games and a festive generosity of spirit. The novelist William Dean Howells , analysing several of Dickens's Christmas stories, including A Christmas Carol , considered that by the "pathos appears false and strained; the humor largely horseplay; the characters theatrical; the joviality pumped; the psychology commonplace; the sociology alone funny".

Ruth Glancy, a professor of English literature, states that the largest impact of A Christmas Carol was the influence felt by individual readers. Chesterton wrote "The beauty and blessing of the story Whether the Christmas visions would or would not convert Scrooge, they convert us. Davis, analysing the changes made to adaptations over time, sees changes to the focus of the story and its characters to reflect mainstream thinking of the period.

While Dickens's Victorian audiences would have viewed the tale as a spiritual but secular parable, in the early 20th century it became a children's story, read by parents who remembered their parents reading it when they were younger. In the lead up to, and during, the Great Depression , Davis identifies that while some see the story as a "denunciation of capitalism, British-made films showed a traditional telling of the story, while US-made works showed Cratchit in a more central role, escaping the depression caused by European bankers and celebrating what Davis calls "the Christmas of the common man".

By the s he was again set in a world of depression and economic uncertainty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Novella by Charles Dickens.

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Dickens was carried away by exuberance, and momentarily forgot good taste". Chesterton wrote of Dickens's religious views that "the tone of Dickens towards religion, though like that of most of his contemporaries, philosophically disturbed and rather historically ignorant, had an element that was very characteristic of himself.

He had all the prejudices of his time. He had, for instance, that dislike of defined dogmas, which really means a preference for unexamined dogmas. It was purchased by J. In Britain the tradition had been to eat roast goose, but a change to turkey followed the publication of the book.

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By Mrs Beeton , in her Book of Household Management , advised her readers that "A Christmas dinner, with the middle-class of this empire, would scarcely be a Christmas dinner without its turkey. Ackroyd, Peter London: Sinclair-Stevenson. Billen, Andrew London: Short Books. Callow, Simon Dickens' Christmas: A Victorian Celebration.

London: Frances Lincoln. Carlyle, Thomas London: J.

A Christmas Carol - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Chesterton, G. The Collected Works of G. Chesterton: Chesterton on Dickens. Childs, Peter; Tredell, Nicolas Charles Dickens. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Cochrane, Robertson Wordplay: origins, meanings, and usage of the English language. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Davis, Paul a. The Lives and Times of Ebenezer Scrooge. Deacy, Christopher Oxford: Oxford University Press. DeVito, Carlo Inventing Scrooge Kindle ed.

Dickens, Charles London: Chapman and Hall. Diedrick, James In Thesing, William ed. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale. Douglas-Fairhurst, Robert In Dickens, Charles ed. A Christmas Carol and other Christmas Books. Garry, Jane; El Shamy, Hasan Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature. Armonk, NY: M. Glancy, Ruth F. Michigan: Garland. Hammond, R. Harrison, Mary-Catherine He created some of the world's most memorable fictional characters and is generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period.

During his life, his works enjoyed unprecedented fame, and by the twentieth century his literary genius was broadly acknowledged by critics and scholars. His novels and short stories continue to be widely popular. Libros similares. Prayers the Devil Answers. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A Christmas Carol Cronos Classics. Great Expectations. Charles Dickens is probably the best-known and, to many people, the greatest English novelist of Charles Dickens is probably the best-known and, to many people, the greatest English novelist of the nineteenth century. Since its publication in , A Christmas Carol has been adapted for film, television, and the stage, proving that Dickens's characters and View Product.

One of the best-loved and most quoted stories of the man who invented Christmas-English writer One of the best-loved and most quoted stories of the man who invented Christmas-English writer Charles Dickens-A Christmas Carol debuted in and has touched millions of hearts since. Cruel miser Ebeneezer Scrooge has never met a shilling he doesn't A first-ever trade edition of the original manuscript of the beloved Christmas classic.

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Every year at The story tells of sour and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge's ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation after the supernatural visits of Carol for Another Christmas. From the Nebula Award winning author comes this modern Christmas classic.

A Christmas Carol with A Christmas Tree (illustrated by Robert Ingpen)

The chief executive The chief executive of a Seattle-based high-tech company, Monica Banks is a workaholic who has closed herself off to any kind of home life, family, or love. A Carol for Christmas. What would you give up for love? For Carol, it was her most precious dream: her For Carol, it was her most precious dream: her passion to sing.